To commission a portrait from me, just follow the 3 simple steps described below.

Step 1  Photo checklist

Some photos translate better into drawings than others. To ensure you get the best possible portrait from your photo it is useful to look at the following list and check that your photo ticks all the boxes;


  • The better and clearer the photo, the better the drawing
  • Photos need to be of a reasonable size and quality 
  • I prefer photos to be emailed to me as a jpeg or similar file format. However, a photo sent in the post is also OK 
  • Ideally, it's a good idea to email me several photos of the same subject that I might select from, the more the better 
  •  Often a photo taken of the subject unawares translates better into a drawing rather than a toothy grin staring directly into the camera


Step 2  Decide what size you would like the portrait to be

My usual way of working is to view the photo and decide which size best suits the drawing (typically A4 or A3). However, if you have a specific size that you would like your drawing to be, then let me know and this can be accommodated. 

Step 3  Send your photo to me

Once you're happy that your photo meets the requirements described in Step 2, you can send me your photo either via the post or by email and let me know what you'd like, ask any questions and request a quote for the portrait. Please make sure you include correct contact details (email address, contact telephone number) in case I need to contact you to discuss the order.

What happens next?

After I've answered any questions you may have and we have agreed the details of the portrait, I will commence the drawing. Once completed, I will email you an electronic image of your portrait for your approval. If you are happy I will then require payment. The easiest way to do this is using Paypal. Once payment has been received, I will send you your completed portrait in the post.



** Please remember, simply contacting me or sending me your photo does not mean you are obliged to commission the portrait**